The Fashion and Design Council of Egypt has been formed to promote the local fashion industry and designers. At a press conference held in Cairo, the council announced the country’s first fashion week, which will showcase the works of prominent Egyptian designers. The event is scheduled to take place in May, and the opening night will be held at the Cairo Egyptian Museum.

The theme for the first edition of the fashion week is “The Past, Present, and Future,” which reflects the importance of Egyptian culture and heritage in the fashion industry. The founders of the council, Susan Sabet and Paul Antaki, believe that Egyptian designers should be inspired by their country’s cultural heritage and use materials that have been used for thousands of years. They also emphasized the need to stay aware of contemporary trends and to anticipate future fashion trends.

Sabet explained that “the past” is an essential aspect of the theme because it is crucial for designers to be inspired by their culture and heritage. She said, “Use all the materials we have that have been used for thousands of years.” Sabet also stated that “the present” reflects the fact that we live in a modern world, and designers must stay aware of what is happening globally. Finally, “the future” represents the anticipation of future fashion trends and the direction in which the fashion industry is heading.

Antaki believes that Egypt’s difficult economic situation is another reason to promote local manufacturers and brands. He said, “We think that it is the right time to tell people that here in Egypt without importing, you can dress from Egyptian products, fabrics, styles, and designers. Everything is there around you. Why do you have to go and look for imported products?”

Egypt’s rich cultural history has long been an inspiration for international designers, and the organizers believe that it is the perfect time for the country to hold its fashion event. They aim to create a platform for Egyptian designers to showcase their talent and creativity to the world. The council hopes to establish the event as an annual occurrence and promote Egypt’s fashion industry.